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How To Detect Leaks!

How To Detect Leaks!

Why You Have TO Find Leaks As Fast As Possible!

Water leaks are a large risk which will costa lot of money if not found and solved early. Even the small leak canresult in great damages, dangers, and health issuesif not dealt with. Let’s knowthe bad effects of these leaks;


Mold existence;


Mold grows in wet environment, so water leaking isthe main reason of mold existence in your house or business building. Even the few drops of water can cause mold growing anddeveloping as they create wet areas where mold like to appear.

If you let leaks more time you willfind mold and mildew everywhere on your carpets, walls, furniture, air ducts…..andremoving it will cost you efforts, long time, a lot of money.

Damage Your Building;


Somewater leaks can result in serious damages forthe building as on thewalls the ceiling, and attics thatrequire expensive repairs.


Increase Water Bills;


Waterleak can waste hundreds of gallons ofwater which increase your monthly bills.


Health issues    


And finally the most dangerous impactof water leak is health issues. As mold creation in your house or businessbuilding will cause for you serious health risks as allergic reactionsas; sneezing,coughing, red eyes, skin irritations, and nose & throatinflammation.


So we have to ensurethat our buildings are free of these leaks. Some leaks are obvious, so we can deal with themquickly, such as dripping faucets and leaking water heaters. But unfortunately, many leaks are undetected for years becausethe source of the leak is not noticeable. For that we will know how tofind out these leaks;


Ways To Find InvisibleWater Leaks

Use your watermeter

How water meter can help me in detecting water leak? Please follow these steps;

·       Turn off all the water in your house, don’t use your washing machine or dishwasher and turn off all the faucets. Makesure that no using water outside as may be the leak exist outside your house.


·       Place your water meter and watch the leak indicator. If it starts to change immediately, you have a large leak that you have to harry tostop it. If not you have to wait 1 to 2 hours and check it again, as if itmoves you have slower leak.



Leak maybeanywhere that the meter can’t identify, for that please follow these ways too.

Compare your water bills

If your water bills rises everymonth while your water usage doesn’t change, it means you have a water leak. Collect some bills from the previous months and comparethem to determine if there’s a regular increase.


Obvious signsof wart leaking existence

Do you find wet areas! Do you smell bad odors! Are you finding moldspreads! These are signs tell you that you have plumbing leak.


How To Know The Leak Inside Or Outside Our House!

Identify your home's main shut off valve and turn off the water atthe valve. Again use your water meter to check its indicatorif the indicator doesn’t change that’s mean the leak is between the meter and the house.

It will be better to let professional plumberidentify your water leak location.

Kinds Of Leaking

Leaking Faucets

Faucets have a lot of internalparts that may wear out. Once a part fails, your faucets will begin to leak. Commonly faucets leak because of worn rubber washer which located under the handle. It’s easy to replace it, ifyou have the tools (Straight and Philips screwdrivers, slip joint pliers).


Shut off the water,remove the faucet stem by loosen the hexagonal locking nutkeep stem and packing in place, then replacethe worn part.

Leaking Toilets


Inmost cases leaking toilets are silent and hard to find out. Sohow to determine if your toilet is leaking or not. Drops of food coloring or dye tabs will help you by removing the tank lid and drip few drops in the back of thetoilet tank.


Wait about 10minutes, without flushing. If the color shows up in your bowl, you havea leak. In most cases of toiletleaking you need to replace toilet flapper, flush handle, Overflow Tubeor Flush Handle;


Toiletflapper; it’s arubber valve in the bottom of the tank which will cause plumbing leak if itbecomes cracked. Because it controls the volumeof water released to the bowl. So if it is wornout, it will let water to regularly move from the tank into the toilet bowl without flushing.


Overflow Tube; ifthe water is too high in the toilet tank andis spilling into the overflow tube, you haveto repair or replace your Overflow Tube.


There are a lot ofsources of plumbing leaks as water heaters, and keep in your mind that you havepipes underground that may leak and threaten all your building safety. Forthat;



Please contact a Professional plumberto examine your plumbing system as soon as possible.

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