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What are the common cause of toilet problems ?

What are the common cause of toilet problems ?

1.    Clogs

Almost all people has encountered a clogged toilet! They’re annoying, but they can additionally be damaging. Unchecked clogs can cause troubles to your plumbing and home, such as mildew or warped flooring.

Some clogging issues are precipitated through flushing foreign objects down the drain. These can pose serious problems for your sewer system, creating severe backups. Besides human waste, the solely objects you must flush are soft paper merchandise like toilet paper and thin napkins. While other paper merchandise might also seem like they go down simply fine, they can grow to be stuck or build up in the pipes. If you have kids in your home, be careful that they don’t flush toys, fabric, or food down the drain. Your toilet’s well-being depends on it!

2.    Worn Flapper Valve

Worn-out and malfunctioning toilet parts are another common cause of toilet problems. A flapper is the piece of your toilet that permits water to go from the cistern into the toilet bowl and fill up the bowl after the toilet is flushed. A deteriorated flapper valve can cause your toilet to flush on its own or to run constantly, which could make your water invoice skyrocket.

There are two primary reasons a flapper valve malfunction:

⦁      It used to be defective to begin with.
⦁      It wore down over time.

Either way, if your toilet bowl keeps refilling via itself or the toilet nonstop running, take a look at the valve inside the tank. If adjusting the valveless work, you’ll prefer to have a licensed plumber take a look at it outbefore it has time to add to your bills.

3.    Worn Washer Bolts

If you keep discovering random puddles of water under the toilet tank, there are a couple of likely explanations. One is worn washer bolts.
Step one: Take a seem at the bolts in the toilet, and feel the outside and backside of the tank for a leak. There may additionally be a leaking bolt washer that just needs to be tightened.

4.    Rusted pipes

The pipes that lead to your toilet can start to rust for any quantity of reasons over time. This can in the end create a crack in the pipe, which will allow water to leak around your toilet.

5.    Crack on the tank or bowl

Toilets are built to last, but cracks do every so often develop on them over time. Often times this will begin as a hairline crack that develops into something more severe.

6.    Condensation

Condensation is any other toilet hassle that could lead to you finding water on your rest room floor. A poorly insulated tank would possibly be the reason of the condensation, thanks to cold air. If this is the case, call an expert to come over and cover the impacted areas of your toilet with insulating liners.

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